Your exotic bird. Training it not to bite.

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Training

The first step in training your exotic bird not to bite is understanding why birds bite. Naturally birds may beak at objects to explore or to hold on to objects and move around. However, every so often birds will bite. A bird owner will know the difference. One is a natural instinct and the other is a quick and sharp bite often out of fear. Fear is the main reason birds bite. They may be bothered by a change in their environment or feel threatened by a stranger.

Another reason a bird bites is to protect its mate. This does not always refer to another bird. Often pet birds will view their owner as their mate. If a stranger is near the ower and the bird preceives this as a threat the bird may bite. The best way to avoid this is to pay close attention to your bird’s body language. Get to know your bird and know how your bird reacts to different situations. Notice the signs before the biting occurs is the best way to prevent the biting.

The best time to teach a bird not to bite is during this younge age. If you dissapprove of the birds behavior do not yell. Instead hold your bird on your hand at eye level and frown at the bird. Talk in a soft yet stern voice. Birds are able to understand facial expressions. Then place your bird on its cage or perch for a few minutes. After these minutes please play with your bird and let it know that everything is now okay. This reinforces good behavior.

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