Proper nutrition for the African Grey parrot

Posted on May 12th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Tips & Care

Feeding African Grey parrot the right food is very important because it can tell their health, stress level and ability to learn how to talk.

African Grey parrot are very different from other bird species because they have their own choice, different diet pattern and eat different kinds of food.

If you want African Grey parrot to eat the type of food you want them to eat then you should consider teaching and giving them food when they are around 12 week old can be great advantage.

Depend on how you teach them, some African Grey parrot only eat soft food while other eat only hard fruit, vegetable etc. So it is your duty as their owner to change their diet and give them wide variation of fruits and vegetables to see what you African Grey parrot like best.

Be aware that most African Grey parrots fell ill and sick because they eat food that contain less calcium so it is very important to give them a good balance of calcium from food such as boiled eggs, spinach, blackberries and yogurt etc.

If your African Grey parrot refuse to eat these food that contain calcium mentioned above then you must try to give them calcium supplements food around two to three time week. One thing that you should becareful is that most of African Grey parrot dont drink water in a day because they had already absorb water into their body by eating fruits.

Calcium diet can make your African Grey parrot healthy, nice feather and can greatly reduce stress which can lead to symptoms such as feather plucking and squeaking etc.

A good health African Grey parrot can learn and respond to speech training quickly and efficiently.

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