How to teach your exotic bird some fun tricks.

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Training

The first things to have in mind when you are embarking on teaching your pet bird tricks are some basic training techniques and themes common to training any animal. You want to start with things that come naturally to your exotic bird and will be simple to reward and reinforce, so for an example many birds like to flap and stretch their wings. When they exhibit this behavior you label it and reward it with either food or praise or anything your bird likes. You are waiting for the behavior to be performed and then positively marking it with your voice or a treat. With repetition your bird will make the association between these three things and learn to do it when he/she hears the word you have labeled the desired behavior or trick. This simple approach can be used for all sorts of individual behaviors that your bird does in his/her daily life like jumping on and off his perch or picking things up in his mouth and carrying them around.
Once you and your bird have a good working relationship together and he knows a variety of commands for tricks you can start getting creative and stringing behaviors together so they become one seamless trick. An example of this would be teaching the pickup and the drop together in to a little bowl or some cute object like a basketball hoop. Birds are very clever and love the positive interaction training can bring to their lives so with patience and gentleness always at the forefront of your technique you will be amazed at the repertoire of tricks your bird can acquire.

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