Exotic Birds – Macaws

Posted on May 8th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Breeds

Macaws are very unique species of birds. They can range in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. These birds reside in different forest of different regions. They are usually located in the rainforest or murky woods and savannahs. These birds are very rare in nature and have very distinct lifestyles.

Macaws can range in many colors, from bright colors to dark colors. They can also have various beak sizes and beak colors making them very unique. Their beaks can be very dull to very sharp and from long to short in length.

These birds originated in Mexico, The Americas, and the Caribbean. Some species of macaws can also be located over the entire region of the world. Macaws are normally located within warm weather.

Macaws are very intelligent birds. Some species of these birds even have the ability to talk and speak very clearly. Macaws can make very loud or subtle noises with their vocals which lets them communicate with other birds of the same species.

Macaws have a very distinct diet. They usually feed on fruits, berries, and also insects. Some species of macaw often chew on rocks and pebbles to keep their beaks sharp and for calcium. This diet also helps to keep their stunning appearance even more ravishing.

Several of the species of macaw are endangered. Some of these species are also kept as home pets, but they do require a great deal of care. Macaws are sometimes kept in captivity to balance out their number of species. Some species of macaws can live very long lives, while others often have brief lives.

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