About the African Grey Parrot

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Breeds

African Grey Parrots are known as being the best talkers in the entire parrot kingdom. They are able to mimic human speech to the point that you may assume it is a human talking. Another unique feature of this bird is they are also able to mimic other sounds such as dripping faucets to construction equipment. The will also learn and mimic all of those words and phrases that shouldn’t be repeated. They are not particularly noisy birds, although they can keep on talking for a while. You will know if they become alarmed as they will produce a series of sharp, shrill shrieks.

The African Grey Parrot is extremely intelligent and requires a stimulating environment in order to prosper. It is easy for this bird to become bored which can lead to behavioral problems such as feather mutilation. These birds are also very clumsy which can be combated by properly trimming their wings. If they are trimmed to short though, vet attention may be needed in case of an accident.

An owner with time restraints should not keep an African Grey Parrot as a pet as they require stimulation which often times means not keeping them cage bound. Because they become nervous when there are changes in their environment or if they get frustrated, an owner will want to pay attention to feather plucking problems. Owners will also notice a change in behavior once the bird becomes sexually mature as they will be much more protective of their cage and may shy away from new things.

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