A New Way to Clip Your Pet Bird’s Wings

Posted on May 30th, 2016 by admin in Exotic Pet Bird Tips & Care

Exotic birds are one of the most popular exotic pets. Many people have birds and love them but they have questions. A common one is, “Should I clip my exotic birds wings?” The answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!”

For years the only way to clip a bird’s wings was to clip the feathers in half starting at the tip and going along another layer of feathers called the covert feathers. This was accepted and many vets still clip wings this way. However, this often irritates your bird. Birds are fussy creatures and will attempt to groom the clipped shaft to make it softer and less irritating. You can tell because the shaft will have a star-burst shape, almost as if it exploded.

The new way to clip bird wing feathers is completely different. Your vet will gently extend the wing and identify individual feathers. Then he or she will take a pair of rounded tip scissors, most likely bird or cat claw scissors, and cut the feather at the base. This removes the entire feather and your bird will no longer spend hours preening clipped wings. By clipping wings in this manner, your vet will remove fewer feathers and it is a prettier wing clip than the old clip. This type of wing clip also reduces the chance of accidentally clipping a blood feather.

There are many advantages to this new wing clip. When its time for your bird’s next clip, ask for this new way. I’m sure you and your bird will be much happier.

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